I recently wrote here about Apple’s control over its various platforms, particularly the iPhone and the iPad. This has been taken to another level by Apples announcement of the iPhone 4.0 SDK, and the revised terms and conditions which govern its use. One of the new terms explicitly prevents developers from using any tool which ‘translates’ code from some other language, to using the iPhone API. Given the number of developers who use these tools, this could have quite a significant impact.

Apple is not only seeking to control the content of applications and which applications people can actually run, but also what tools a developer can use to write those applications. I wonder if this control freakery will start to backfire if developers turn their attentions elsewhere, such as to Android. Given the superb reviews it’s been getting, in the HTC Desire we might finally have a serious iPhone competitor on the block – lets see if it can give Apple a bit of a shock.