I had originally planned to write a review of the new HTC Desire once I’d had it a couple of days, and now it’s been all of a day and a half, I’ve decided to give it a little longer before making any definitive judgements. This is because I think I really need to live with it for a while, experiencing the bad and good in a more realistic light, rather than pronouncing a verdict based on ‘new shiney’ experience. That said, I do want to write a few first thoughts if only to see if my thinking really does change over time.

The first thing to note is that the display is as widely reported, absolutely fantastic. While some reports suggest it’s impossible to see in bright sunlight, that certainly wasn’t my experience today. Sure, it wasn’t great but it was certainly usable and no worse than any other phone display I’ve seen. It does come across as blistering fast, even with what appears to be quite a few apps running. The capacitive touch screen takes quite some getting used to – it seems very sensitive, at least so far it seems a bit too sensitive at times. Battery life ain’t great, which I was expecting, and hopefully there will be some OEM alternatives appearing soon with larger capacities. Everything else has been pretty positive – plenty of apps from the Market have already been useful, and it has all ‘just worked’.

So, my first impression is that this is a great phone, and exactly what I wanted. Oh, and this blog post has been written on it 😉