A few weeks ago I wrote an entry explaining why I wouldn’t be voting in this years election, at least, that was the intent when I started out. In the end I think I wrote more about a couple of Conservative candidates demonstrating exactly why we shouldn’t really vote for them. Anyway, I summed up by saying that there was really no point in me voting, not just because of the poor quality candidates on offer, but because our electoral system doesn’t allow for real democracy to work.

Since that post, I’ve changed my mind, I almost certainly will vote, albeit by proxy as I will be out of the country at the time. The reason for the change of heart is simple and not for one minute is it because I have changed my mind on either of the points I made previously. The simple reason is that for the first time in my lifetime, there is a real possibility of electing a hung parliament, and that means the posssibility of having an elected government which actually represents the majority of the electorate, and I want to be part of that if it happens. It might not last, and it might not work, especially given the attitude of most politicians is that they will be ‘in power’ over us, rather than ‘working for’ us, and I at least want to be able to say I did my part to elect the first truely representative UK goverment in my lifetime, and possibly since the second world war.