Having bleated on about how rubbish the customer service I got from Lufthansa was, I thought it might be an idea to knock up a quick update on my experiences.

In short, nothing has changed. Despite having an apparently helpful contact at Lufthansa customer relations in Frankfurt, I still haven’t been able to check-in online for any of my Lufthansa booked, BMI operated, code share flights since April. On each and every occasion it’s taken Lufthansa Online support about 20 seconds to resolve the issue and get me checked-in over the phone. Of course, that’s only when I’ve called Lufthansa’s German support desk in Berlin, not the English one who have insisted that they can’t do anything to help and that I would have to check-in at the airport on the couple of occasions I’ve called them. Funny how the German help desk could help immediately after I got turned away by the English one.

So last Sunday was my last flight booked via Lufthansa. On Saturday I fly the same route, but booked directly with BMI who operate the flight. There is little if no difference in cost, if anything BMI are slightly cheaper, and clearly the experience on-board is going to be identical. I’m sure BMIs customer service can’t be any worse than Lufthansa’s and I’m really hoping that I won’t have to find out. If all goes well, I’ll pass some ‘feedback’ to Lufthansa and continue to book via BMI from here on in. If not, I’ll have to figure out what the least painful option is.