After my dalliance with the Meerkat, I’ve now restored my Samsung NC10 netbook back to Windows 7 with a sparkly fresh clean install. It’s running really well and I’ve pleased with the decision even though it meant more work in the short term.

One thing that did strike me though was how well Ubuntu does do somethings. For example, the extra Fn keys, which control brightness, volume etc, all just worked with Ubuntu (with the exception of the Wireless one), and Windows required a driver install. Finding new software and installing it, like VLC Player, was a snap on Ubuntu using the software center, especially as a lot of software comes pre-installed (I’m looking at you Firefox). With Windows you have to go to each individual website, click download, then run an installer.

In short, Windows could learn a trick or two from Ubuntu in that getting a basic system up and running is actually easier now to do with Ubuntu. It might still have a few kinks and all the basics will be there.

For me though, as an experienced user who needs more than the basics, the hassle of having to find and download software is still preferable to the hassle of actually trying to get it all to work how you like once you do have it.