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Monthly Archives: February 2012

A simple permanent tunnel using SSH on Ubuntu

As a regular traveller, I have discovered first hand the joys of geo-location using IP address which some sites and services use to decide what services can be offered and/or the language they should be presented in. It’s therefore quite useful to have a UK-based system which I can use from anywhere using SSH, and being able to use SSH port forwarding to allow me to use services as though I’m in the UK.

The one thing I had wanted to sort out, and hadn’t quite achieved, was to implement a simple system for keeping an SSH tunnel running, and re-establishing it automatically if it drops.

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Creating PS3 Compatible MP4s with Handbrake

I consume video on multiple devices, each with different tolerances for codecs – an HD TV via a PS3, my PC, an Android tablet, and much less often now, a netbook. Coupled with that, I also have many DVDs which I would like to make available via my media server,  so I can either browse and watch directly on the TV, or copy to the tablet for watching while on the move. As a result, I’ve tried to work out how to encode my DVD rips in a single format that is playable on all devices with at reasonable levels of quality. My chosen format is MP4, using H.264 which in theory is supported by every device I have, but the PS3 is notoriously picky when it comes to codecs, and I’ve struggled to get some files to play. I have finally cracked it, and here’s how.

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Deutsche Bahn missing the point….

It’s not often that I see someone so spectacularly miss a point and in doing so demonstrate the point being made. It happened to me this evening when a frustrated tweet of mine drew the following conversation on Twitter:


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