A friend asked on Facebook which sort of tablet to go for, an iPad, Microsoft Surface or Android device. She eventually chose the iPad, and for some reason I felt inspiration to write the following.

Our Steve, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy iPad come.
Thy will be done,
on Mac, as it is on iPhone.
Give us this day our daily cool,
and forgive us our patent wars,
as we forgive those who patent troll against us,
and lead us not into Microsoft,
but deliver us from Android.
For thine is the walled garden,
and the content and the app store,
for ever and ever.

I have seen similar misappropriations of the Lords Prayer before, but not one similar to this that I recall. As far as I can tell this is my work, but it is possible something I read previously lodged in my brain and popped out at time of writing. If that’s the case I apologise. I did have a quick Google to see if I could find anything similar, but my very brief search didn’t find anything.

For the record,  I’m no Apple fan – I have two Android phones and an Android tablet – this just seemed amusing to me.