Just some random thoughts…


  • I don’t understand why MPs wait until the next election to “step down”, retirement aside. If they are stepping down because of some party disagreement  (as in the case of Sarah Teather) or because of some misdemeanour or criminal offence (as in the case of Eric Joyce), why not resign immediately and allow the electorate the opportunity to elect a new representative right away? Surely if something is a serious enough matter to resign over, then allowing the electorate to elect a new representative sooner is better for democracy. It certainly can’t hurt.
  • In the wake of the 130 vehicle incident on the bridge to the Isle of Sheppey, there are calls to make the speed limit over the bridge 50mph.  Since a ‘safe’ speed varies with conditions, inevitably it means that in good conditions, traffic is unnecessarily impeded by speed limits set to promote safety in poor conditions. So basically, the UK doesn’t trust drivers to drive at a speed appropriate to the road and conditions, which says a huge amount about the quality of driver education and testing levels….
  • I’ve just driven a left hand drive car in the UK for the first time, and had to drive down some country A-roads and lanes. It is amazing how much a difference being on the ‘hedge’ side of the car makes when it comes to the amount of the road you can see and how fast you can safely go. If you are following a foreign car down a windy A-road, and they are going well below the speed limit, please cut them some slack. I was driving down roads I know, and simply could not safely drive as fast (within the limit) as I could in a right hand drive car.
  • If the UK continues with the speed limit reductions it seems to currently be adopting, I predict that in the next 20 years, all motor vehicles will be required to have a pedestrian walking in front of them waving a red flag.
  • British drivers have rubbish lane discipline
  • The surface quality of UK motorways is ok, but the rest of the road network is at best hugely variable, and quite often awful. The are some A-roads which are simply shocking for supposedly major routes, and the same applies to some local roads.
  • Belgium has rubbish motorways. You can actually tell when you leave the Netherlands and enter Belgium by the sudden deterioration in ride quality.
  • The Renault Grand Scenic we had as a hire care has all the ingredients to be a good car, and sadly the ingredients aren’t mixed the right way. The VW Passat we had a month go has a similar set of ingredients, but gives a far superior experience. That said, the ability to slide the rear seats forward provided truly cavernous amounts of boot space.
  • It’s nice to go on holiday, and it’s nice to get back home afterwards…..