I’m firmly in favour of the referendum on whether Scotland should be an independent country, and that the vote should be honoured, to the fullest extent, which ever way it goes.

For me, that means that if there is a no vote, the union continues, and each member of the union should get the same rights, and have the same responsibilities, as the others. In turn, that would mean creating a National Assembly or equivalent for England, which has the same rights and powers for England as the Scottish and Welsh equivalents. The current arrangements mean that Scottish and Welsh MPs get to vote on all legislation affecting England, but English MPs do not get to vote on all legislation affecting Scotland and Wales, since some of that is done in their assemblies. I don’t see why the English shouldn’t get the same flexibility on certain areas of policy as the other parts of the Union.

If the vote is for independence, it should be for exactly that,  a fully independent Scotland completely separate from the UK as far as it can be, including fiscally. If it were down to me, and practicality wasn’t an issue, I’d instate border controls as well. However, being pragmatic, and given the precedent with Ireland, that’s not really feasible.

Personally, I think both the UK and Scotland are better off with Scotland continuing to be a part of the UK, in the same way I think both the UK and EU will be better off with the UK remaining a part of the EU.

Scotland maintaining fiscal union with the UK smacks of the UK attitude to Europe – keep the bits that we like, but leave the rest, and I think that’s taking the piss.